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Classic and modern art considers breast as one of the more expressive features of female beauty and feminity.

As any other organ in the human body, breasts are susceptible to disease and deformity.

Such conditions predispose to great anxiety and dissapointment for the woman of the 21st century, with all sorts of psychological consequences.

Breast augmentation
  • Breast augmentation gives to the breast a new shape and volume which is more attractive and appealing depending on the individual’s body habitus.
  • One of the most popular operations worldwide in healthy women between 19-34 years.
  • Second most popular operation in women between 35-55 in the US.
  • Over 320000 women in the States undergo breast augmentation.
  • Beside the obvious aesthetic improvement of your breasts with augmentation mammaplasty you can also benefit:
    • 70% improvement of your total sex life.
    • 65% more frequently having sex.
    • 40% improvement in sexual pleasure.
    • Total improvement of the body image.
    • Boost in self-confidence.
  • Dr. Agiannidis creates a naturally augmented breast that feels and moves harmoniously with your body while improving the ‘‘decollete’’ area (the area between your breasts).
  • The final result is natural, nothing to do with the two‘‘balls’’effect that unfortunately still see frequently.
  • Extensive research suggests that breast implants do not cause any form of cancer or auto-immune disease.
  • Additionally, breasts implants do not pose any difficulty in breast imaging, on the contrary it makes imaging of the native breast easier.
  • Women who undergo breast augmentation have no problem whatsoever with normal breastfeeding if they choose to.
Breast augmentation with Fat Transfer
  • Do you wish to enlarge your breast without the use of foreign materials like silicone implants?
  • Do you have small breasts but you wish to have a small to moderate size increase?
  • Is one of your breasts different compared with the other one and you wish to correct it?
  • Have you undergone an implant breast augmentation in the past but your breasts (or breast) appear firm with the presence of rippling of the implant?
  • If the answer in the formentioned questions is yes and you have local fat depositions (flanks, thighs, tummy, knees etc.) then you can benefit from breast lipofilling.
  • Dr. Agiannidis uses an innovative modern technique to harvest, manipulate and transfer your own living fat cells, keeping them alive thus ensuring that at least 90% of the transferred fat will remain alive permanently.
  • Fat transfer techniques used elsewhere use to inject a lot of underproducts (cell debris, anesthetic fluids, blood, oils etc.) along with the fat cells which accounts for the high absorbency rates of the initial volume and the poor final results.
  • Breast lipofilling is an absolutely safe procedure in every scientific sense of the word, approved by Health Administrations and Plastic Surgical Associations worldwide.
Breast lift (Mastopexy)
  • Have you been in the unpleasant situation where your breasts have lost their shape, position and elasticity due to sudden weight loss or after pregnancy?
  • Are you considering restoring the youthful look of your breasts without altering their volume?
  • Dr. Agiannidis can give you a better breast shape by rearranging your lax tissues and lifting the nipple-areola complex to an ideal position.
  • In selective cases Dr. Agiannidis can combine mastopexy with:
    • Augmentation with implants.
    • Augmentation with lipofilling in women who seek to lift their breasts and restore volume without the use of foreign materials and have adequate fat deposits on their body (flanks, thighs, tummy).
Breast reduction
  • You can consider breast reduction if you feel that your breasts:
    • Are heavy and pendulous.
    • Seem out of proportion and aesthetically not pleasing.
    • Cause problems like backpains, neckpains, irrigation of the skin underneath the breasts or cause pressure signs from the bra on your shoulders.
  • Additionally you might experience difficulties with daily activities such as wearing clothes or sports which can have a significant impact on the psychological and overall quality of life.
  • Obesity is quite frequently associated with breast hypertrophy and definitelly makes the situation worse.
  • 37-45% of women with pendulous breasts are obese.
  • Women with an increased BMI suffer from lipomastia, a deposition of fat in their breasts.
  • The goal of reduction mammaplasty is to reduce breast volume by creating a new breast form and repositioning the nipple-areola complex to a higher position hence restoring a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing breast.
  • The technique that Dr. Agiannidis uses depends upon the degree of ptosis and the original breast volume along of course with the patient’s desire.Every case is strictly individualized.
  • Of great importance is the ability of breast feeding after surgery.
  • Relief from the symptoms of macromastia (enlarged breasts) on the musculosceletal system is immediate. The improvement in quality of life is trully impressive.

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