Case RHN0002

The patient had been unsucessfully operated elsewhere in the past by 2 different surgeons. The presence of scar tissue from previous operations made this revision case particullary demanding.
The first rhinoplasty gave practically no improvement on her desired nasal shape, while the second rhinoplasty caused many discrepancies that resulted in an unacceptable aesthetic outcome as someone can clearly see in the ''BEFORE'' photos, with nasal dorsum irregularities, tip overprojection and asymmetric nostrils among others.The breathing problems were never addressed by none of the previous surgeons.
Original state before her primary rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty (Dr. Christos Agiannidis)

Revision rhinoplasty 1 month after surgery.
Definite and obvious improvement of all nasal discrepancies caused by previous surgeries,
harmonious profile, optimal projection, obvious improvement of her nasal breathing.
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